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Naturgeschichte der Saeugethiere von Paraguay
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Basel, Schweighauser, 1830
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

[continues overleaf] lines 7—1 score
bottom-margin annotation Jemmy Button sharper eyesight than sailors

line 12 underline "ums ... Zoll"
show subjects subjects

lines 15—3 score
line 12 underline in pale pencil "graulich-gelb"
line 11 underline in brown ink "bräunlich-gelbe"
lines 15—10 annotation sexual differnc in colour
line 9 underline "jungen Carayas"
line 8 underline "tragen ... Weibchen"
line 4 underline "rötlich-braun"
line 3 underline "dritten schwarz"
line 1 underline "vierten ... Jahre"
show subjects subjects

lines 11—10 underline "Das ... Stimmapparat"
lines 6—1 score
lines 4—2 underline "Beim ... Männchen"
show subjects subjects

lines 19—22 score
lines 19—22 annotation Polygamy
show subjects subjects

line 5 underline "Des Morgens"
line 6 underline "der warmen"
line 11 underline "Männchen ... gewöhnlich"
lines 14—15 underline "oft ... lang"
lines 17—24 score
lines 17—24 annotation these Monkeys make noise merely for pleasure .
show subjects subjects

lines 2—4 score
show subjects subjects

lines 8—7 score
lines 8—7 underline "Die ... Männchen"
show subjects subjects

lines 15—17 score

line 22 score [`bookmark']

line 21 underline "einige Töne"
show subjects subjects

[continues overleaf] lines 5—4 underline "mit ... lösen"
lines 5—1 score
lines 5—1 annotation Beat the oranges to losen rind

[continuation] 2—4 score
lines 2—4 annotation Yet oranges not aborigin

lines 19—22 score
lines 17—24 annotation / Monkeys drive flies from their young /

line 20 underline "häufig"
show subjects subjects

line 2 underline "Käfich"
show subjects subjects

lines 6—5 double score
line 8 annotation Cebus
show subjects subjects

line 5 underline "Gemüthsbewegungen"
line 5 annotation emotions
line 4 annotation (1)
line 2 at "unbeschäftigt" annotation unoccupied
line 1 at "Langeweile" annotation ennui

top-marginline 8 annotation Ennui — desire for object — astonishment — passion — Fear & pain — Joyful recognition
     Desire astonishment (2) Passion (3) {Fright or Pain—(4) (5) (6)

line 3 at "Verlegenheit" annotation embarrassment
line 5 underline "tiefer"
line 7 underline "helles Gekreisch"
line 9 underline "kichernden"
line 9 annotation giggle

lines 13—16 score
lines 13—16 annotation same in all — instinctive

lines 19—27 score
lines 19—27 annotation the crys cause very strong associated emotions & act on them
show subjects subjects

line 7 underline "von Lachen"
lines 6—5 underline "im ... giebt"
lines 9—6 score
lines 9—6 annotation in pale pencil Crys & laughs
bottom-margin annotation in pale pencil Humboldt mentions crying monkey

lines 5—1 score
lines 4—2 annotation /Laughter
bottom-margin annotation Expression
show subjects concepts

line 1 at "Begierde" annotation (desire)

line 9 score [`bookmark']

line 13 underline "Zorne"
lines 14—10 score
lines 14—10 annotation Harm by passion by spirits

lines 5—19 score
lines 5—12 annotation directly acustom to confinemnt — vry affectionate & loose even wish of freedom.
show subjects subjects

lines 12—9 score
lines 12—10 annotation like Negros best —
show subjects concepts

lines 6—2 score
line 4 underline "Hunde"
lines 7—1 annotation in pale pencil People say horses created for men, I might say dogs created for monkeys—

[continues overleaf] lines 4—1 score in pale pencil
bottom-margin annotation in pale pencil [With reflection a monkey with these feelings would be sorry having attacked his friend]

[continuation] 1—4 score in pale pencil
top-margin annotation in pale pencil how like to man's character !! do for comparison

lines 5—7 score
lines 8—16 score in pale pencil
lines 16—19 score
lines 4—17 annotation — [ Vengeance concerted ] /

lines 9—7 score
lines 4—1 score

lines 1—9 score+min pale pencil
lines 2—3 score
line 2 annotation Lenny did this
top-margin annotation Emma often perceived he had been on dining room on the table & found it so —
lines 3—5 annotation in pale pencil but Squib was not so

lines 12—13 underline in pale pencil "Habsucht"
lines 17—24 score in pale pencil

line 5 score
lines 6—8 score

lines 14—15 score
line 14 underline "selbstständigen Charakter"
show subjects subjects

lines 20—22 score
line 20 underline "andere ... unterwerfen"
lines 24—29 score
lines 25—33 annotation Rides dogs & makes them go where he likes.

bottom-margin annotation in pale pencil X    Man to horse, Molothrus to cows; dog to monkeys (& even some crustacea probably to Cetacea see Macleay in [?]Magazine [continues on page 55] on accidental selections : Man to Mule, ! better than alpaca in S. Americat01
t01 - `Man to Mule ... America' in brown ink

lines 1—3 score
top-marginline 3 annotation was easily taught ‹lesson› to open shells of Palm with stones

lines 7—15 score
line 15 at "sachte" annotation softly
line 16 underline "zerbrochenen Theil"
lines 8—15 annotation generally learns to break eggs.
     Learns by exper
show subjects subjects

line 17 underline "nur einmal"
lines 17—18 score
lines 20—22 score
lines 17—21 annotation if once cut himself with tool very careful
show subjects subjects

lines 13—9 score
lines 12—8 annotation