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Die Getreidearten und Wiesengräser
Publication Details
Heidelberg, C.F. Winter, 1841
Holding Institution
Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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annotation 18 Summer & Winter Barley differs only in constitution & easily goes back — 54. Wheat do.—
     a self adaptive power, or habit —
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annotation 24    Naked Barley ■chang■es into common

annotation 63 advocates change of seed in Germany
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annotation 66 «& 116» var. varied at first, & then came more «(20 years)» constant being accustomed to climate    25 years
     This fact vry important for shows get accustomed to change.

annotation 69 a var. not injured by late frosts.

annotation 91. vars. variable in one climate, not in other

annotation 116 ---- so in different soils

annotation [alongside next three annotations] in reddish-brown crayon (All Used)
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annotation 114 a vry constant var.; many unconstant mentioned.

annotation 206 on Maize, difference in height & period of Vegetation .
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annotation    says American seed gives plants which become acclimatised & altered in form — Each land has its own form. : form of seeds & number of rows differs.
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annotation 208    Description of changes in Maize frm American «210» seed, due to climate, so quick — Change in period of ripening. —
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annotation Variation (p. 212) comes on in Europe; & American vars. quickly take European Character.

annotation 217 vry early Maize .
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annotation [Believes all maize one species & gives reason for] ‹[illegible word]
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