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Zur Speciesfrage
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Haarlem, De Erven Loosjes, 1875
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Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

lines 18—21 score
lines 18—21 annotation no — Cytisus adami

line 12 score [`bookmark']

lines 21—23 score
line 22 underline "Blosse ... Nachweis"
lines 13—27 annotation It comes to this that without direct evidence of descent from 1 to other forms must be considered as species! Blood Hound & Fox Hound Race Houn &t01
from End Note annotation p 4    What he considers evidence of specific form    ! p 27
t01 - `Race Houn &' horizontally crossed

lines 1—3 score
lines 4—5 score
lines 1—8 annotation external conditions do not suffice when no relation to chemical nature of soil.—
from End Note annotation 7    causes of variability

lines 9—22 score

lines 15—14 underline "sondern ... Erscheinung"
line 13 underline "unabhängig ... Impulsen"
line 13 annotation !!
lines 16—3 annotation Excites not direct cause like an illness excited on effect of a poison whch I have said
from End Note annotation 7    causes of variability
show subjects subjects

lines 13—14 underline "sondern ... Abänderung"
lines 12—17 annotation thinks revrsion prevnted by successive changes of structure.
from End Note annotation 8    Reversion

[continuation] 2—7 score

line 11 score [`bookmark']

lines 14—17 score
lines 14—17 annotation crossed with no result

lines 6—4 score
line 5 underline "überhaupt ... andere"

line 5 underline "scheint ... zu"
line 6 underline "genügend ... ergeben"
line 11 underline "isochronisch"

lines 2—4 score
line 3 underline "sich ... decken"
from End Note annotation —22    Range of    & differences of —

lines 3—5 score
line 3 underline "2 ... Blühreife"
line 4 underline "dahin ... constant"
top-margin annotation yellow berry holly also nearly constant ∴ according to his rule a species!
from End Note annotation p 4    What he considers evidence of specific form    ! p 27

line 7 score [`bookmark']

line 8 score [`bookmark']

line 11 score [`bookmark']

line 11 underline "Selbstbefruchtung stattfinden"
line 6 score
line 6 underline "keimten sie"
lines 5—1 score
line 4 underline "72 ... producirten"
from End Note annotation    p. 53 Papaver somniferm self-fertile

line 16 score [`bookmark']

lines 2—4 score
from End Note annotation    p 66    On Causes of variation «& range» of Viola lutea «& tricolor»