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  1. Notes taken during the expedition commanded by Capt. R. B. Marcy, U. S. A., through unexplored Texas, in the summer and fall of 1854 /
    By: Parker, W. B.
    Publication info: Philadelphia :Hayes & Zell,1856.
    Holding Institution: Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library
    Subjects: 1812-1887  Description and travel  Indians of North America  Marcy, Randolph Barnes,  Texas  
    BHL Collections: Engelmann Herbarium
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  2. Spencer Fullerton Baird and John Torrey correspondence, 1851-1860
    By: Baird, Spencer Fullerton,
    Holding Institution: New York Botanical Garden, LuEsther T. Mertz Library
    Subjects: (1853-1856)  (Charles Christopher),  (Charles Coffin),  (Edward Griffin),  (James William),  (John Charles),  (John Milton),  (John Strong),  (Randolph Barnes),  (Robert Stockton),  (Samuel Washington),  1796-1873  1797-1878  1804-1878  1806-1863  1807-1867  1810-1888  1811-1888  1812-1887  1813-1890  1816-1868  1817?-1863  1818-1862  1818-1881  1820-1897  1821-1904  1822-1892  1823-1887  1823-1890  1824-1882  1835-1866  -1851  Abert, J. W  American Association for the Advancement of Scienc  Antisell, Thomas, 1817-1893  Baird, Spencer Fullerton,  Beckwith, E. G  Berlandier, Jean Louis,  Bigelow, John M  Botanical specimens  Correspondence  Directions for collecting, preserving and transpor  Exploration and survey of the Valley of the Great  Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana in the y  Explorations and surveys  Frémont, J. C  Gray, Asa,  Henry, Joseph,  Jewett, Charles C  Kennicott, Robert,  Marcy, Randolph B  Newberry, J. S  Pacific railroads  Parry, C. C  Plantæ frémontianæ  Plants  Pope, John,  Prestele, Joseph 1796-1867  Registry of periodical phenomena  
    BHL Collections: John Torrey Papers | New York Botanical Garden
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