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  1. By: Rozen, Jerome G. (Jerome George), - McGinley, Ronald J.
    Publication info: New York, N.Y American Museum of Natural History c1974
    Holding Institution: American Museum of Natural History Library
    Subjects: Ammobatini  Bees  Classification  Larvae  Nomadinae  Pupae  
  1. By: Alqarni, Abdulaziz S. - Hannan, Mohammed - Hinojosa-Diaz, Ismael - Engel, Michael S.
    Type: Article
    In: Journal of Hymenoptera Research
    Volume: 35
    Date: 2013
    Page Range: 83-89
    Publication Info: Pensoft Publishers 2013
    Subjects: Ammobatini  Anthophila  Apoidea  Biodiversity  cleptoparasitism  cuckoo bees