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  1. An econometric analysis of socioeconomic and demographic determinants of fish and shellfish consumption in the United States /
    By: Perry, Jonathan S.,
    Publication info: 1981.
    Holding Institution: University of Florida, George A. Smathers Libraries
    Subjects: Dissertations, Academic  Fish trade  Fishery products  Food and Resource Economics  Food and Resource Economics thesis Ph. D  Food consumption  Market surveys  Shellfish trade  UF  United States  
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  1. Field estimates of food consumption of the searobin Prionotus punectatus (Bloch, 1797) on the continental shelf off Ubatuba, southeastern Brazil
    By: Soares,Lucy Satiko H. - Jarre-Teichmann,A. - Rossi-Wongtschowski, Carmen Lucia D. B. (Carmen Lucia Del Bianco)
    Type: Article
    In: Revista Brasileira de Oceanografia
    Date: 1998-01-01
    Subjects: Daily ration  Food consumption  Marine lish  southeastern Brazil  Stomach content  Triglidae  
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  2. Growth of broad-nosed caiman, Caiman latirostris (Daudin, 1802) hatchlings, fed with diets of animal origin
    Type: Article
    In: Instituto Internacional de Ecologia
    Date: 2001-08-01
    Publication info: Instituto Internacional de Ecologia 2001-08-01
    Subjects: animal protein  body weight  Caiman  Diet  Food consumption  growth rate  total lenght  
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  3. Temperature, energy acquisition and energy use in the Chilean silverside Basilichthys australis Eigenmann (Atherinopsidae)
    By: FUENTES,LEOPOLDO - Vila,Irma - Contreras,Manuel
    Type: Article
    In: Revista chilena de historia natural
    Date: 2005-01-01
    Subjects: Basilichthys australis  Digestion  Energy budget  Food consumption  metabolic rate  Water temperature  
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