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  1. Studies on the biology of the aquatic hydrophilidae /
    By: Richmond, Edward Avery, - American Museum of Natural History.
    Publication info: New York :American Museum of Natural History,[1920]
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: Beetles  Hydrophilidae  Water beetles  
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  1. Seasonal dynamics of larvae and adults of two Enochrus Thomson (Coleóptera: Hydrophilidae) species in temporary and permanent water bodies of an urban park in Buenos Aires
    By: BYTTEBIER,BARBARA - Fischer,Sylvia - Torres,Patricia L. M.
    Type: Article
    In: Revista chilena de historia natural
    Date: 2012-09-01
    Subjects: adaptation to drought  aquatic Coleoptera  Hydrophilidae  Population Dynamics  water permanence  
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  2. Discovery of the water scavenger beetle genus Brownephilus Mouchamps in Turkey (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Hydrophilini)
    By: Darilmaz, Mustafa - Kıyak, Suat - Short, Andrew
    Type: Article
    In: ZooKeys
    Volume: 53
    Date: 2010
    Page Range: 13-16
    Publication info: Pensoft Publishers 2010
    Subjects: Aquatic beetles  Hydrophilidae  Middle East  new combination  Turkey  
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  3. An aberrant species of Nipponocercyon from Sichuan, China (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Sphaeridiinae)
    By: Fikácek, Martin - Ryndevich, Sergey - Jia, Fenglong
    Type: Article
    In: ZooKeys
    Volume: 214
    Date: 2012
    Page Range: 13-27
    Publication info: Pensoft Publishers 2012
    Subjects: China  Hydrophilidae  Morphology  Nipponocercyon  Oriental region  Palaearctic region  Sphaeridiinae  taxonomy  
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  4. Occurrence of introduced species of the genus Cercyon (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) in the Neotropical Region
    By: Fikácek,Martin
    Type: Article
    In: Revista de la Sociedad Entomológica Argentina
    Date: 2009-12-01
    Subjects: Cercyon  Hydrophilidae  introduced species  lectotype designation  new synonyms  Sphaeridiinae  
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  5. Diversidad de Coleopteros acuáticos en Chile
    By: Jerez R., Viviane. - Moroni B., Juan C.
    Type: Article
    In: Gayana (Concepción)
    Date: 2006-06-01
    Subjects: Chile  Dytiscidae  Elmidae  Gyrinidae Haliplidae  Hydraenidae  Hydrophilidae  Psephenidae  
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  6. The aquatic Coleoptera of Prince Edward Island, Canada: new records and faunal composition
    By: Majka, Christopher
    Type: Article
    In: ZooKeys
    Volume: 2
    Date: 2008
    Page Range: 239-260
    Publication info: Pensoft Publishers 2008
    Subjects: Aquatic invertebrates  Biodiversity  Canada  Coleoptera  Dryopidae  Dytiscidae  Elmidae  Gyrinidae  Haliplidae  Heteroceridae  Hydrophilidae  Nomenclature  Prince Edward Island  
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  7. Redescription of Derallus strigipennis Orchymont, 1940 (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae), new records and a key to species of Derallus Sharp 1882
    By: Oliva,Adriana
    Type: Article
    In: Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales
    Date: 2010-06-01
    Subjects: aquatic Coleoptera  Hydrophilidae  Neotropical fauna  
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  8. Hydrophilus (Dibolocelus) palpalis (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae, Hydrophilinae): descrição dos estágios imaturos
    By: Oliveira,Márcia M. D. de - Dalla-Rosa,Cristiano - Matias,Leonardo H. - Cueto,Juan A. R.
    Type: Article
    In: Iheringia. Série Zoologia
    Date: 2004-12-01
    Subjects: Hydrophilidae  Hydrophilus (Dibolocelus)  immature stages  
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  9. Extensión de la distribución conocida de Berosus chalcocephalus (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) en la Patagonia austral
    By: Souza,Martín G.
    Type: Article
    In: Revista de la Sociedad Entomológica Argentina
    Date: 2004-07-01
    Subjects: Argentina  Berosus  distribución geográfica  Hydrophilidae  Patagonia  
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