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  1. By: Pliny, the Elder, - Jenson, Nicolas, - Bussi, Giovanni Andrea,
    Publication info: Venice, Nicolaus Jenson, 1472
    Holding Institution: Boston Public Library
    Subjects: Autographs (Provenance)  Early works to 1800  Illuminations  Incunabula  Inscriptions (Provenance)  Manicules (Provenance)  Marginalia (Provenance)  Natural history  Pre-Linnean works  
  2. By: Decembrio, Pier Candido, - Tiphernas, Angelus, - Plannck, Stephan,
    Publication info: [Rome], [Stephan Plannck], [about 1495]
    Holding Institution: Boston Public Library
    Subjects: Astrology  Bookplates (Provenance)  Chancery quartos  Early works to 1800  Incunabula  Inscriptions (Provenance)  Italy  Marginalia (Provenance)  Reproduction  Sex preselection  
  3. By: Aristotle. - Aristotle. - Aristotle. - Aristotle. - Gazēs, Theodōros, - Johann, von Ko˜ln, - Manthen, Johann, - Podocatharus, Ludovicus,
    Publication info: Venice, Johannes de Colonia and Johannes Manthen, 1476
    Holding Institution: Boston Public Library
    Subjects: Animals  Bookplates (Provenance)  Chancery folios  Early works to 1800  Incunabula  Ink stamps (Provenance)  Marginalia (Provenance)  Pre-Linnean works  Reproduction  Zoology  
  4. By: Petri, Johann,
    Publication info: [Passau], [Johann Petri], [1485]
    Holding Institution: Boston Public Library
    Subjects: Blind tooled bindings (Binding)  Chancery quartos  Early works to 1800  Germany  Herbals  Herbs  Incunabula  Inscriptions (Provenance)  Marginalia (Provenance)  Therapeutic use  Woodcuts  Wooden boards (Binding)  
  5. By: Dodoens, Rembert, - Plantin, Christophe,
    Publication info: Antverpiae [Antwerp], Ex officina Christophori Plantini, architypographi regij, MDLXXIIII [1574]
    Holding Institution: Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library
    Subjects: Bookplates (Provenance)  Booksellers' labels (Provenance)  Botany  Botany, Medical  Early works to 1800  Herbals  Herbs  Ink stamps (Provenance)  Laid papers (Paper)  Leather bindings (Binding)  Manuscript waste (Binding)  Marbled paper bindings (Binding)  Marginalia (Provenance)  Materia medica, Vegetable  Medicinal plants  Paired ties  Plants  Pre-Linnean works  Raised cords (Binding)  Sewn endbands  Stuck-on endbands  Vellum bindings (Binding)  Woodcuts  Yapp style bindings (Binding)
  6. By: Taylor, Richard,
    Edition: 2nd ed.
    Publication info: London, William Macintosh, 1870
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries and Archives
    Subjects: 18th century  Description and travel  Maori (New Zealand people)  Marginalia (Provenance)  Natural history  New Zealand  Social life and customs