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  1. Effects of the hydrogen ion concentration and oxygen content of water upon regeneration and metabolism in tadpoles /
    By: Jewell, Minna Ernestine.
    Publication info: 1918.
    Holding Institution: University Library, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
    Subjects: 1918  Hydorgen-ion concentration  Metabolism  Oxygen  Physiological effect  Regeneration (Biology)  Tadpoles  Theses  UIUC  Zoology  
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  2. Medico-physical works; being a translation of Tractatus quinque medico-physici,
    By: Mayow, John,
    Publication info: Edinburgh,Alembic club,1907.
    Holding Institution: University of Toronto - Gerstein Science Information Centre
    Subjects: Combustion  Muscles  Oxygen  Respiration  Rickets  
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  1. Brood care in Brachyuran crabs: the effect of oxygen provision on reproductive costs
    By: Fernández,Miriam - BRANTE,ANTONIO
    Type: Article
    In: Revista chilena de historia natural
    Date: 2003-06-01
    Subjects: brood care  Crabs  Marine invertebrates  Oxygen  Reproduction  
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  2. The effects of temperature and oxygen availability on intracapsular development of Acanthina monodon (Gastropoda: Muricidae)
    Type: Article
    In: Revista chilena de historia natural
    Date: 2006-06-01
    Subjects: brooding  gastropods  intracapsular development  Oxygen  Temperature  
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  3. Modeling chlorophyll-a and dissolved oxygen concentration in tropical floodplain lakes (Paraná River , Brazil)
    By: Rocha,RRA. - Thomaz,SM. - Carvalho,P. - Gomes,LC.
    Type: Article
    In: Instituto Internacional de Ecologia
    Date: 2009-06-01
    Publication info: Instituto Internacional de Ecologia 2009-06-01
    Subjects: chlorophyll-a  floodplain lakes  Model  Oxygen  
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