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  1. By: Breedy, Odalisca - Guzmán, Héctor M.
    Type: Article
    In: ZooKeys
    Volume: 961
    Date: 2020
    Page Range: 1-30
    Publication Info: Pensoft Publishers 2020
    Subjects: Biodiversity  gorgonians  key to plexaurid genera  octocoral  Plexauridae  taxonomic review  taxonomy
  2. By: Matsumoto, Asako K. - Ofwegen, L. P. van (Leendert P.),
    Type: Article
    In: ZooKeys
    Volume: 589
    Date: 2016
    Page Range: 1-21
    Publication Info: Pensoft Publishers 2016
    Subjects: Alcyonacea  Astrogorgia  Challenger Expedition  deep-water octocorals  Indo-Pacific  new species  Plexauridae  Thesea