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  1. Jin hua yu ren sheng.   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  2. Zhi wu ming shi tu kao chang bian.   (added: 07/09/2015 )
  3. Annual reports of the dairymen's associations of the Province of Ontario. 1921-22   (added: 10/07/2013 )
  4. El libro de las aves de caça, del canciller Pero Lopez de Ayala, con las glosas del duque de Alburquerque.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  5. A preliminary report on the geology of the Monarch mining district, Chaffee County, Colorado / by R.D. Crawford.   (added: 07/26/2010 )
  6. Insecticides, fungicides and weedkillers: a practical manual on the diseases of plants and their remedies, for the use of manufacturing chemists, agriculturists, arboriculturists and horticulturists, by E. Bourcart, D. SC. Tr. from the French, rev. and adapted to British standards and practice, by Donald Grant.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  7. Revision of the Pelycosauria of North America / by E.C. Case.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  8. Modern nature study : a first book for use in Canadian schools.   (added: 07/12/2010 )
  9. Wright's book of poultry / revised and edited in accordance with the latest Poultry Club standards by S.H. Lewer, assisted by leading specialists.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  10. On the culture and commerce of cotton in India and elsewhere; with an account of the experiments made by the Hon. East India Company up to the present time.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  11. A Manual of the coniferae : containing a general review of the order; a synopsis of the hardy kinds cultivated in Great Britain; their place and use in horticulture, etc., etc.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  12. A history of agriculture in Wisconsin, by Joseph Schafer.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  13. The chemistry of plant and animal life, by Harry Snyder.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  14. First and second reports of the Bureau of agriculture for the state of Tennessee. Introduction to the resources of Tennessee, by J. B. Killebrew, A.M., assisted by J. M. Safford ... C. W. Charlton ... H. L. Bentley.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  15. Cotton from seed to loom. A handbook of facts for the daily use of producer, merchant and consumer. By William B. Dana.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  16. The cherries of New York, by U.P. Hedrick, assisted by G.H. Howe, O.M. Taylor, C.B. Tubergen, R. Wellington.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  17. The horse book; a practical treatise on the American horse breeding industry as allied to the farm, by J. H. S. Johnstone.   (added: 07/11/2010 )
  18. Alfalfa farming in America, by Joseph E. Wing.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  19. Finland: its forests and forest management. Compiled by John Croumbie Brown ...   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  20. Report on the necessity of preserving and replanting forests. Comp. at the instance of the government of Ontario, by R. W. Phipps, Toronto.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  21. Arboriculture; or A practical treatise on raising and managing forest trees and on the profitable extension of the woods and forests of Great Britain, by John Grigor.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  22. Economics of forestry; a reference book for students of political economy and professional and lay students of forestry, by Bernhard E. Fernow.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  23. A familiar talk about trees : delivered in the hall of the House of Representatives, Concord, at a meeting of the New Hampshire Board of Agriculture, on the evening of June 13, 1883 / by Franklin B. Hough.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  24. Ensilage: its influence upon British agriculture.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  25. English gardener.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  26. The development of forest law in America; a historical presentation of the successive enactments by the legislatures of the forty-eight states of the American union and by the Federal congress directed to the conservation and administration of forest resources,   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  27. Nouveau manuel complet d'industrie laitière pour la province de Québec / par Gabriel Henry ...   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  28. Traité raisonné des arbres fruitiers : et la synonymie des noms les plus connus, avec ceux des départemens méridionaux, leur description et celle des fruits, le temps le plus ordinaire de leur maturité ... / par Toussaint-Yves Catros.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  29. Forest policy / by C. A. Schenck.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  30. Hand-book of tree-planting; or, Why to plant, where to plant, what to plant, how to plant. By Nathaniel H. Egleston.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  31. Revised edition of McCall's rule's of the cock pit.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  32. The Mount Rainier forest reserve, Washington / by Fred G. Plummer.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  33. Illustrations of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, from photographs taken by permission, by E.J. Wallis.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  34. The illustrated book of poultry. With practical schedules for judging. Constructed from actual analysis of the best modern decisions. [Text]   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  35. The ABC of bee culture: a cyclopaedia of every thing pertaining to the care of the honey-bee; bees, honey, hives, implements, honey-plants, etc., facts gleaned from the experience of thousands of bee keepers all over our land, and afterward verified by practical work in our own apiary.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  36. Instruction pour les bergers et pour les propriétaires de troupeaux ; avec d'autres ouvrages sur les moutons et sur les laines ; par Daubenton.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  37. The old forest ranger, or, Wild sports of India on the Neilgherry Hills, in the jungles and on the plains / by Walter Campbell.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  38. Miscellaneous papers on the zoology of Michigan. Prepared under the direction of Alexander G. Ruthven, chief naturalist; pub. as a part of the Annual report of the Board of geological survey for 1915.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  39. A manual of bee-keeping.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  40. The great cultures of the isle of Java. 30 photos. With a pref. by Dr. Treub.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  41. The A B C of bee culture: a cyclopaedia of every thing pertaining to the care of the honey-bee, by A.I.Root.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  42. The genus Pinus.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  43. Indian corn culture, by Charles S. Plumb...   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  44. Handy book on pruning, grafting and budding.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  45. Mykologische studien besonders über die entwicklung der Sphaeria typhina, Pers., von Dr. Th. Bail. Eingegangen bei der Akademie am 21. october 1861.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  46. Pamphlets   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  47. A gardener's year, by H. Rider Haggard. With plan and twenty-five illustrations.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  48. The Oregon farmer; what he has accomplished in every part of the state.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  49. Forest policies and forest management in Germany and British India. By B. E. Fernow.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  50. Forestry in Minnesota.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  51. Manual of procedure for the Forest service in Washington and in district offices.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  52. More pot-pourri from a Surrey garden, by Mrs. C. W. Earle.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  53. Rural essays / by A.J. Downing ; edited, with a memoir of the author, by George William Curtis; and a letter to his friends, by Frederika Bremer.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  54. Disease in plants, by H. Marshall Ward.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  55. Intrduction to the study of modern forest economy. By John Croumbie Brown.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  56. Introduction to the systematy of Indian trees, by A. H. Church, M.A.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  57. Control of life.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  58. School of forest engineers in Spain, indicative of a type for a British national school of forestry, compiled by John Croumbie Brown.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  59. Forestry in New Zealand.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  60. French forest ordinance of 1669; with historical sketch of previous treatment of forests in France. Compiled and translated by John Croumbie Brown.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  61. Forestry in the mining districts of the Ural Mountains in eastern Russia. Comp. by John Croumbie Brown ...   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  62. North American forests and forestry; their relations to the national life of the American people, by Ernest Bruncken ...   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  63. Practical directory for the improvement of landed property ... and the economic cultivation of its farms.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  64. The white pine / V. M. Spalding.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  65. Western grazing grounds and forest ranges; a history of the live-stock industry as conducted on the open ranges of the arid West, with particular reference to the use now being made of the ranges in the national forests, by Will C. Barnes.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  66. Practical forestry. A treatise on the propagation, planting, and cultivation, with a description, and the botanical and popular names of all the indigenous trees of the United States. By Andrew S. Fuller.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  67. The book of old-fashioned flowers and other plants which thrive in the open-air of England,   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  68. Silvical characteristics of Canadian trees.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  69. The apiary; or, Bees, bee-hives, and bee culture: being a familiar account of the habits of bees, and the most improved methods of management, with full directions, adapted for the cottager, farmer, or scientific apiarian. By Alfred Neighbour.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  70. Forest officers' handbook of the Gold Coast, Ashanti and the Northern Territories.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  71. Le Bon jardinier : almanach pour l'année... : contenant des principes généraux de culture; l'indication, mois par mois, des travaux à faire dans les jardins ... / par A. Poiteau, rédacteur principal ... [et al.]. 1809   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  72. Forestry of Japan.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  73. Cabinet timbers of Australia. By R. T. Baker.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  74. Orchids / by James O'Brien.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  75. Agricultural and industrial progress in Canada. 2, no.7, 1920   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  76. Hortivculture. Orchard cleansing. Remedies for insect pests and diseases.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  77. Om barrtradskulturer i Norrland.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  78. Pamphlet. No.1-2, 11-12   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  79. The horse book; a practical treatise on the American horse breeding industry as allied to the farm, by J. H. S. Johnstone. supplement   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  80. The Malay archipelago : the land of the orang-utan and the bird of paradise : a narrative of travel, with studies of man and nature / by Alfred Russel Wallace.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  81. Kulturvaxter pa aker och ang.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  82. A manual of veterinary physiology, by Major-General F. Smith ...   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  83. Timber and some of its diseases / by H. Marshall Ward.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  84. Report on the forests of North America (exclusive of Mexico), by Charles S. Sargent ...   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  85. The plums of New York. By U.P. Hedrick, assisted by R. Wellington, O.M. Taylor, W.H. Alderman, M.J. Dorsey.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  86. The shepherd's manual. A practical treatise on the sheep. Designed especially for American shepherds. By Henry Stewart ...   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  87. Select list of roses and instructions for pruning   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  88. Problem solved: a guide - for both the experienced and the inexperienced poultry-breeder - to the hatching of every fertile egg with the most economical outlay, and with least incidental trouble and expense.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  89. Report on the forest resources of Western Australia / by Baron Ferd. von Mueller.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  90. The phosphates of America. Where and how they occur; how they are mined; and what they cost. With practical treatises on the manufacture of sulphuric acid, acid phosphate, phosphoric acid, and concentrated super-phosphates, and selected methods of chemical analysis.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  91. Manual of flax culture, comprising full information on the cultivation, management, and marketing of the crop.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  92. The geographical distribution of the forest trees of Canada / by Robert Bell. --   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  93. Gardens of celebrities and celebrated gardens in and around London, by Jessie Macgregor, with 20 coloured plates and 6 pencil drawings by the author.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  94. Note-book of agricultural facts and figures for farmers and farm students / by Primrose McConnell. --   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  95. In wildest Africa, by C.G. Schillings, Tr. by Frederic Whyte. With over 300 photographic studies direct from the author's negatives, taken by day and night; and other illustrations.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  96. Insects injurious to fruits. By William Saunders ... Illustrated with four hundred and forty wood-cuts.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  97. 300 per annum from 30 acres : or, A modern bee farm and its economic management / by S. Simmins.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  98. The grapes of New York, by U.P. Hedrick, assisted by N.O. Booth, O.M. Taylor, R. Wellington, M.J. Dorsey.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  99. Insect pests of farm, garden and orchard, by E. Dwight Sanderson.   (added: 07/04/2010 )
  100. Plants poisonous to live stock, by Harold C. Long ...   (added: 07/04/2010 )