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  1. Coursing and falconry / Coursing by Harding Cox ; falconry by Gerald Lascelles ; with illustrations by John Charlton, R. H. Moore, Lancelot Speed, G F. Lodge, and from photographs.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  2. The mule : a treatise on the breeding, training, and uses, to which he may be put / by Harvey Riley.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  3. The Plough, the loom and the anvil. v.11   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  4. Vice in the horse : and other papers on horses and riding / by Edward L. Anderson.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  5. The American thoroughbred / by Thomas B. Merry.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  6. The horse-breeder's guide and hand book : embracing one hundred tabulated pedigrees of the principal sires, with full performances of each and best of their get, covering the season of 1883, with a few of the distinguished dead ones / by S.D. Bruce.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  7. Manual for farriers, horseshoers, saddlers, and wagoners or teamsters : 1914.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  8. Famous horses of America : containing fifty-nine portraits of the celebrities of the American turf, past and present : with short biographies.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  9. The thoroughbred horse : his origin, how to breed and how [to] select him : with the Horse breeders' guide : embracing one hundred tabulated pedigrees of the principal sires ... / by S.D. Bruce.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  10. The modern art of taming wild horses / by J.S. Rarey.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  11. Horse breeding in theory and practice / by Burchard von Oettingen ; translated from German.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  12. A text-book of horseshoeing for horseshoers and veterinarians / by A. Lungwitz ; translated from the eighth German edition by John W. Adams.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  13. The Plough, the loom and the anvil. v.12   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  14. The Plough, the loom and the anvil. v.10   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  15. The modern system of farriery : comprehending the present entire improved mode of practice, according to the rules laid down at the Royal Veterinary College : containing all the most valuable and approved remedies ... : including rules for the management of the healthy horse, as feeding, stabling, grooming, and conditioning /   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  16. The analysis of the hunting field : being a series of sketches of the principal characters that compose one : the whole forming a slight souvenir of the season 1845-6 / by R.S. Surtees ; with 13 coloured plates and 43 illustrations in the text by H. Alken.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  17. The South Carolina Jockey Club.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  18. A history of the Percheron horse : including hitherto unpublished data concerning the origin and development of the modern type of heavy draft, drawn from authentic documents, records and manuscripts in the national archives of the French government : together with a detailed account of the introduction and dissemination of the breed throughout the United States : to which is appended a symposium reflecting the view of leading contemporary importers and breeders touching the selection, feeding and general management of stallions, brood mares and foals /   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  19. The American thoroughbred / by Charles E. Trevathan.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  20. The horse and its relatives / by R. Lydekker.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  21. Plain rules for the stable / by Professor Gamgee, Senr., and Professor John Gamgee.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  22. The horseowner and stableman's companion, or, Hints on the selection, purchase, and general management of the horse / by George Armatage.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  23. The horse : how to feed him, avoid disease, and save money / by George Armatage.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  24. Every man his own farrier : containing ten minutes' advice how to buy a horse : to which is added directions on how to use your horse at home or on a journey : and what remedies are proper for all the diseases to which he is liable.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  25. Notes for hunting-men / by captain Cortlandt Gordon Mackenzie.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  26. Horse training upon new principles : ladies' horsemanship, and tight lacing / by Nicholas Wiseman.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  27. Biggle horse book : a concise and practical treatise on the horse / by Jacob Biggle ; adapted to the needs of farmers and others who have a kindly regard for this noble servitor of man.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  28. Pennsylvania farm journal v.2, no.10-12 (1853)   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  29. Dehorning cattle, castration of bulls, cattle sheds, and warm drinking water / by H. H. Haaff.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  30. The modern horse doctor : containing practical observations on the causes, nature, and treatment of disease and lameness in horses : embracing the most recent and approved methods, according to an enlightened system of veterinary therapeutics, for the preservation and restoration of health /   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  31. Road, track, and stable : chapters about horses and their treatment / by H.C. Merwin.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  32. The exterior of the horse / by Armand Goubaux and Gustave Barrier ... ; translated and edited by Simon J.J. Harger.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  33. Russell on scientific horseshoeing for the different diseases of the foot / by William Russell.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  34. A handbook of horse-shoeing : with introductory chapters on the anatomy and physiology of the horse's foot / by Jno. A.W. Dollar ... ; with the collaboration of Albert Wheatley.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  35. Pathological horse-shoeing : a theory and practice of the shoeing of horses : by which every disease affecting the foot of the horse may be absolutely cured or ameliorated, and defective action of the limbs effectively corrected ... : embracing also an outline of the anatomy and physiology of the foot of the horse and a copious glossary, formulary and index /   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  36. Horses past and present / by Sir Walter Gilbey.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  37. Hand-book on the treatment of the horse in the stable and on the road, or, Hints to horse owners / by Charles Wharton.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  38. The mare and foal / by J. Wortley Axe.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  39. Horse-breeding in England and India : and army horses abroad / by Sir Walter Gilbey.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  40. The saddle-horse : a complete guide for riding and training.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  41. Curb, snaffle, and spur : a method of training young horses for the cavalry service, and for general use under the saddle / by Edward L. Anderson ; illustrated by thirty-two photographs from the life.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  42. Rational horse-shoeing / by Wildair.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  43. Horse-shoes and horse-shoeing : their origin, history, uses, and abuses / by George Fleming ; with 210 illustrations.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  44. The perfect horse : how to know him, how to breed him, how to train him, how to shoe him, how to drive him /   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  45. The horse in the stable and the field : his management in health and disease /   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  46. Horses : their points and management in health and disease / by Frank Townend Barton ; with numerous illustration from photographs.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  47. Hunting /   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  48. The horses of the Sahara and the manners of the desert / by E. Daumas, with commentaries by the Emir Abd-el-Kader ; translated from the French by James Hutton.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  49. The origin and influence of the thoroughbred horse / by William Ridgeway ; with numerous illsutrations.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  50. Riders of many lands / by Theodore Ayrault Dodge ... ; illustrated with numerous drawings by Frederic Remington and from photographs of Oriental subjects.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  51. The general stud book : containing pedigrees of race horses, &c. v.2   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  52. A treatise on the horse and his diseases : containing an index of diseases ..., a table giving all the principal drugs used for the horse ..., a table with an engraving of the horse's teeth at different ages ..., a valuable collection of receipts, and much other valuable information /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  53. Horses ill and well : homoeopathic treatment of diseases and injuries : and hints on feeding, grooming, conditioning, nursing, horse-buying, &c. / by James Moore.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  54. Hippopathology : a systematic treatise on the disorders and lamenesses of the horse : with their most approved methods of cure : embrancing the doctrines of the English and French veterinary schools ... / by William Percivall. v.4:pt.2   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  55. Practice of equine medicine : a manual for students and practitioners of veterinary medicine : arranged with questions and answers, with an appendix containing prescriptions for the horse and the dog / by Harry Dennett Hanson.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  56. A treatise on the diseases incident to the horse : especially to those of the foot : showing that nearly every species of lameness arises from contraction of the hoof : with a prescribed remedy therefor ... / by Alexander Dunbar.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  57. Mayhew's illustrated horse doctor : being an account of the various diseases incident to the equine race : with the latest mode of treatment and requisite prescriptions / revised and improved by James Irvine Lupton.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  58. The turf and the racehorse : describing trainers and training, the stud-farm, the sires and brood-mares of the past and present : and how to breed and rear the racehorse / by R.H. Copperthwaite.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  59. First hand bits of stable lore / by Francis M. Ware ; illustrated from photographs.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  60. Youatt on the structure and the diseases of the horse : with their remedies : also, practical rules to buyers, breeders, breakers, smiths, &c : being the most important parts of the English edition of "Youatt on the Horse" somewhat simplified / brought down to 1849 by W.C. Spooner ; to which is prefixed, an account of the breeds in the United States, compiled by Henry S. Randall ; with numerous illustrations.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  61. The illustrated horse doctor : being an accurate and detailed account of the various diseases to which the equine race are subjected : together with the latest mode of treatment, and all the requisite prescriptions, written in plain English : accompanied by more than four hundred pictorial representations /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  62. The history, treatment, and diseases of the horse : embrancing an account of his introduction and use in various countries ... : with a treatise on draught, and a copious index / originally published in London under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  63. The American farmer's horse book : embracing, in addition to the subjects usually treated of in similar works, a full description of the causes and nature of several diseases peculiar to the American horse : together with original ... modes of treatment ... also, an extended treatise on stock raising and stock management ... /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  64. The racehorse in training : with hints on racing and racing reforms : to which is added a chapter on shoeing / by William Day.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  65. Hints on horsemanship to a nephew and niece, or, Common sense and common errors in common riding / by colonel George Greenwood.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  66. The horse: its selection and purchase : together with the law of warranty, sale, &c. / by Frank Townend Barton.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  67. The Plough, the loom, and the anvil. 7:pt.1   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  68. Hippopathology : a systematic treatise on the disorders and lamenesses of the horse : with their most approved methods of cure : embrancing the doctrines of the English and French veterinary schools ... / by William Percivall. v.3   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  69. Hippopathology : a systematic treatise on the disorders and lamenesses of the horse : with their most approved methods of cure : embrancing the doctrines of the English and French veterinary schools ... / by William Percivall. v.2:pt.2   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  70. The horse, in health and disease : or, suggestions on his natural and general history, varieties, conformation, paces, action, age, soundness, stabling, condition, training, and shoeing : with a digest of veterinary practice / by James W. Winter.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  71. The horsewoman : a practical guide to side-saddle riding / by Alice M. Hayes ; edited by M. Horace Hayes.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  72. Essays on horse subjects / by F.C. Grenside.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  73. The horse's foot and how to shoe it : giving the most approved methods of horse-shoeing : together with the anatomy of the horse's foot and its diseases / by J.R. Cole ; with forty-two illustrations.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  74. The Plough, the loom, and the anvil. 10:pt.1   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  75. How women should ride / by "C. De Hurst."   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  76. Special report on the market for American horses in foreign countries.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  77. Structure of the horse's foot and the principles of shoeing / by Sir George T. Brown.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  78. The Plough, the loom, and the anvil. 7:pt.2   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  79. The Plough, the loom, and the anvil. 8:pt.2   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  80. Thoroughbred and other ponies : with remarks on the height of racehorses since 1700 : being a rev. ed. of Ponies: past and present / by Sir Walter Gilbey.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  81. The national register of Norman horses : with a general history of the horse-kind and a thorough history of the Norman horse / by James M. Hiatt.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  82. Artistic horse-shoeing : a practical and scientific treatise : giving improved methods of shoeing, with special directions for shaping shoes to cure different diseases of the foot, and for the correction of faulty action in trotters /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  83. The great horse, or, The war horse : from the time of the Roman invasion till its development into the Shire horse / by Sir Walter Gilbey, bart.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  84. The Orange County stud book : giving a history of all noted stallions, bred and raised in Orange County /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  85. Hippopathology : a systematic treatise on the disorders and lamenesses of the horse : with their most approved methods of cure : embrancing the doctrines of the English and French veterinary schools ... / by William Percivall. v.1   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  86. Pennsylvania farm journal v.5 (1855)   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  87. The groom.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  88. A method of horsemanship founded upon new principles : including the breaking and training of horses : with instructions for obtaining a good seat / by F. Baucher.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  89. Young race-horses : (suggestions for rearing) / by Sir Walter Gilbey, bart.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  90. A practical treatise on the law of horses : embracing the law of bargain, sale, and warranty of horses and other live stock; the rule as to unsoundness and vice : and the responsibility of the proprietors of livery, auction and sale stables, innkeepers, veterinary surgeons, and farriers /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  91. On the laws and practice of horse racing / by the Honble Admiral Rous.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  92. The internal parasites of the horse (Entozoa) / by J.T. Duncan.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  93. The gentleman's stable guide : containing a familiar description of the American stable : the most approved method of feeding, grooming and general management of horses : together with directions for the care of carriages, harness, etc., /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  94. Horses : their feed and their feet : a manual of horse hygiene invaluable for the veteran or novice : pointing out the true source of "malaria," "disease waves," influenza, glanders, "pink-eye," etc., and how to prevent and counteract them /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  95. Pennsylvania farm journal v.3 (1853)   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  96. The bridle bits : a treatise on practical horsemanship / by col. J.C. Battersby.   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  97. Eclipse & OKelly : being a complete history so far as is known of that celebrated English thoroughbred Eclipse (1764-1789), of his breeder the Duke of Cumberland & of his subsequent owners William Wildman, Dennis OKelly & Andrew OKelly, now for the first time set forth from the original authorities & family memoranda /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  98. The art of taming and educating the horse : a system that makes easy and practical the subjection of wild and vicious horses ... : the simplest, most humane and effective in the world : with details of management in the subjection of over forty representative vicious horses, and the story of the author's personal experience : together with chapters on feeding, stabling, shoeing ... /   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  99. The Plough, the loom and the anvil. v.9   (added: 12/08/2009 )
  100. Pennsylvania farm journal v.2 (1852-1853)   (added: 12/08/2009 )