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  1. Coursing and falconry / Coursing by Harding Cox ; falconry by Gerald Lascelles ; with illustrations by John Charlton, R. H. Moore, Lancelot Speed, G F. Lodge, and from photographs.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  2. The mule : a treatise on the breeding, training, and uses, to which he may be put / by Harvey Riley.   (added: 07/25/2010 )
  3. The Plough, the loom and the anvil. v.11   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  4. Vice in the horse : and other papers on horses and riding / by Edward L. Anderson.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  5. The American thoroughbred / by Thomas B. Merry.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  6. The horse-breeder's guide and hand book : embracing one hundred tabulated pedigrees of the principal sires, with full performances of each and best of their get, covering the season of 1883, with a few of the distinguished dead ones / by S.D. Bruce.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  7. Manual for farriers, horseshoers, saddlers, and wagoners or teamsters : 1914.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  8. Famous horses of America : containing fifty-nine portraits of the celebrities of the American turf, past and present : with short biographies.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  9. The thoroughbred horse : his origin, how to breed and how [to] select him : with the Horse breeders' guide : embracing one hundred tabulated pedigrees of the principal sires ... / by S.D. Bruce.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  10. The modern art of taming wild horses / by J.S. Rarey.   (added: 12/20/2009 )
  11. Horse breeding in theory and practice / by Burchard von Oettingen ; translated from German.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  12. A text-book of horseshoeing for horseshoers and veterinarians / by A. Lungwitz ; translated from the eighth German edition by John W. Adams.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  13. The Plough, the loom and the anvil. v.12   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  14. The Plough, the loom and the anvil. v.10   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  15. The modern system of farriery : comprehending the present entire improved mode of practice, according to the rules laid down at the Royal Veterinary College : containing all the most valuable and approved remedies ... : including rules for the management of the healthy horse, as feeding, stabling, grooming, and conditioning /   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  16. The analysis of the hunting field : being a series of sketches of the principal characters that compose one : the whole forming a slight souvenir of the season 1845-6 / by R.S. Surtees ; with 13 coloured plates and 43 illustrations in the text by H. Alken.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  17. The South Carolina Jockey Club.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  18. A history of the Percheron horse : including hitherto unpublished data concerning the origin and development of the modern type of heavy draft, drawn from authentic documents, records and manuscripts in the national archives of the French government : together with a detailed account of the introduction and dissemination of the breed throughout the United States : to which is appended a symposium reflecting the view of leading contemporary importers and breeders touching the selection, feeding and general management of stallions, brood mares and foals /   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  19. The American thoroughbred / by Charles E. Trevathan.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  20. The horse and its relatives / by R. Lydekker.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  21. Plain rules for the stable / by Professor Gamgee, Senr., and Professor John Gamgee.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  22. The horseowner and stableman's companion, or, Hints on the selection, purchase, and general management of the horse / by George Armatage.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  23. The horse : how to feed him, avoid disease, and save money / by George Armatage.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  24. Every man his own farrier : containing ten minutes' advice how to buy a horse : to which is added directions on how to use your horse at home or on a journey : and what remedies are proper for all the diseases to which he is liable.   (added: 12/11/2009 )
  25. Notes for hunting-men / by captain Cortlandt Gordon Mackenzie.   (added: 12/11/2009 )