18 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "flora - oak"

  1. Descriptive and physiological botany
    By: Henslow, J. S. (John Stevens),
    Publication info: London, Longman, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, 1837
    Pages: Page 232  Page 272  
  2. Éléments de tératologie végétale
    By: Moquin-Tandon, Alfred.
    Publication info: Paris, P.-J. Loss, 1841
    Pages: Page 25  Page 285  
  3. A history of British birds
    By: Yarrell, William,
    Publication info: London, John Van Voorst, 1839
    Pages: Page 299  Page 336  Page 336  
  4. Pomologie physiologique
    By: Sageret, Michel.
    Publication info: Paris, Hizard, 1830
    Pages: Page 155  
  5. Principles of comparative physiology
    By: Carpenter, William Benjamin,
    Publication info: London, John Churchill, 1854
    Pages: Page 142  Page 143  
  6. Principles of geology
    By: Lyell, Charles, Sir,
    Publication info: London, John Murray, 1837
    Volume: v.3
    Pages: Page 140  Page 140  Page 179  Page 179  Page 182  Page 182  
  7. über den Begriff der Pflanzenart und seine Anwendung
    By: Bernhardi, Johann Jacob,
    Publication info: Erfurt, Friedrich Wilhelm Otto, 1834
    Pages: Page 29  
  8. über die Berechtigung der Darwin'schen Theorie
    By: Weismann, August,
    Publication info: Leipzig, W. Engelmann, 1868
    Pages: Page 28