15 Pages in Charles Darwin's Library associated with "mental states - grief"

  1. The anatomy and philosophy of expression
    By: Bell, Charles, Sir,
    Publication info: London, John Murray, 1844
    Pages: Page 88  Page 94  Page 95  Page 140  Page 151  Page 152  Page 153  Page 189  
  2. De la physionomie et de la parole
    By: Lemoine, Albert.
    Publication info: Paris, Germer Baillière, 1865
    Pages: Page 92  
  3. The physiology or mechanism of blushing
    By: Burgess, Thomas H. (Thomas Henry),
    Publication info: London, John Churchill, 1839
    Volume: Supplementary material in Darwin's copy
    Pages: End Note 1  End Note 1  
  4. The rabbit book
    Publication info: London, Journal of Horticulture, n.d
    Pages: Page 24  
  5. Wissenschaftliches System der Mimik und Physiognomik
    By: Piderit, T.
    Publication info: Detmold, Klingenberg, 1867
    Pages: Page 4  Page 60  Page 65