John M. Bigelow and John Torrey correspondence, 1840-1865
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John M. Bigelow and John Torrey correspondence, 1840-1865

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Series: John Torrey papers ; series 1, correspondence.


Bigelow, John M. 1804-1878




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Correspondence from John M. Bigelow to John Torrey, dated 1840-1865. Bigelow's first, unsolicited letter to Torrey prompts the usual exchange of ideas and specimens; the bulk of the correspondence, however, deals with Bigelow's participation in two major exploring expeditions-- one to the newly designated U.S.-Mexico boundary, the other investigating one of several possible routes for the Pacific railroad. During the course of these expeditions, and the subsequent compiling and publication of reports, Bigelow's letters touch on a multitude of geographic locations and plants. Later letters are preoccupied with the mechanics of compiling and publishing the reports, with issues of finances and due credit coming to the fore. The collection also includes a letter from Bigelow to Joseph Henry at the Smithsonian, and a copy of a letter from Bigelow to William Emory. Obsolete and unresolved plant names mentioned include Cereus gigantea, Cereus greggii, Hosackia wrightii, Labiatiflorae, Pinus brachyptera, Pyrolaceae, and Silene greggii.

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Alnus , Aristolochiaceae , Baird, Spencer Fullerton, 1823-1887 , Bartlett, John Russell, 1805-1886 , Bigelow, John M. (John Milton), 1804-1878 , Botanical specimens , Cactaceae , Callitriche , Carnegiea gigantea , Carphochaete , Compositae , Cornus , Correspondence , Dalea , Dasylirion , Debey, Matthias Hubert, 1817- , Delphinium scopulorum , Description of forest trees , Description of the cactaceae , Description of the mosses and liverworts , Echinocactus , Emory, William H. (William Hemsley), 1811-1887 , Engelmann, George, 1809-1884 , Ericaceae , Eriogonum , Flora of North America , General description of the botanical character of , Glossopetalon , Graham, J. D. (James Duncan), 1799-1865 , Gray, Asa, 1810-1888 , Henry, Joseph, 1797-1878 , Heuchera rubescens , Isoetes , Juglans , Liatris , Mammillaria , Nymphaea , Opuntia , Ottleya wrightii , Parry, Charles Christopher, 1823-1890 , Peniocereus greggii , Perezia , Pinus ponderosa , Plants , Populus , Rubus neomexicanus , Rutaceae , Salazar Ylarregui, José , Schott, Arthur, 1814-1875 , Sequoia , Silene laciniata , Smithsonian Institution , Streptanthus , Sullivant, William Starling, 1803-1873 , Thurber, George, 1821-1890 , Torrey, John, 1796-1873 , United States , United States and Mexican Boundary Survey , Whipple, Amiel Weeks, 1817?-1863 , Wright, Charles, 1811-1885 , Yucca

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