James Abram Garfield Rehn field journals
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James Abram Garfield Rehn field journals

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Contained In: ANSP Collection 739

Series: Box 1, Folder 1, Coll. 739 #9


Rehn, James Abram Grafield




Archival material

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1919 & 1921


This Field Trip Diary comprises the field notes from two United States expeditions by James A. G. Rehn and Morgan Hebard in the early twentieth century. The first expedition to the Southwest & West Coast from 20 July 1919 to 24 September 1919 encompassed Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada & Utah. The second expedition from 31 July 1921 to 16 September 1921 included Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas & Colorado. Rehn and Hebard were entomologists from the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and this was one of many expeditions they undertook to collect and catalog the grasshopper fauna of the western United States. The field notes were authored by James Rehn and provide a daily description of activities, routes traveled, towns visited, the terrain, flora and fauna, collecting sites, specimens collected, and birds sighted each day. Notations regarding photographs taken on the expeditions appear in the page margins (although these photos have not been located.) The specimens collected were primarily grasshoppers, but references to other animals such as birds, mammals & reptiles are also mentioned in the field notes.


Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Penns , Arizona , California , Colorado , Entomology , Field note book , Grasshoppers , James A. G. Rehn , James A. G. Rehn and Morgan Hebard Southwest-West , Kansas , Morgan Hebard , Nevada , New Mexico , North American Fauna , Oklahoma , Texas , Utah






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