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Das Abändern der Vögel durch Einfluss des Klima's
Publication Details
Breslau, August Schulz & Co, 1833
Holding Institution
Cambridge University Library
Copyright & Usage
Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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Annotation Not Available

line 11 annotation X
show subjects concepts

line 17 [
line 17 annotation vertically crossed Begin
show subjects concepts

line 16 annotation X
show subjects concepts

line 3 score

whole-margin annotation Defines "Ausartung" — a deformity, as white or cross-billed sparrow, not hereditary— not affecting all individuals under any circumstances — not exact relation to true characters [this not true as all deformities have such relations]— "Abanderung" — is, «as» a Spanish sparrow, where change is superinduced from «climate on» previous organization, & affects all; & young inherit it, & gradation into common character can be traced.
     Alpine plants wd have Abanderung yet not hereditary
     Monsters are hereditry
     Vague distinction — /
show subjects subjects

bottom-margin annotation / All sports wd. be Ausartungs
     In abanderungs the change will ‹be› I shd. think, supervene by effect produced on mature animal, during generations. /

top-margin annotation 1. Variety directly dependent on external influence
     2. Variety indirectly so dependent & directly on propagating system.

whole-margin annotation / «P.S.» I think the upshot of his distinction, «is» whether th change be produced, at early period, thrugh propagating system being affected, or whether, durng one or more generations, th mature being is affected & altered.

line 3 underline "wirklichen"
bottom-margin annotation ( true & imagined, true & false, constant & changealbe skull-differences )

line 1 underline "Gartenröthling"
line 1 annotation Garden-Redstart

line 6 annotation X
show subjects concepts

lines 16—17 unmarked
lines 1—17 annotation it appears that warm countries affect colours like age.

lines 6—1 score
lines 6—4 annotation Late arriving XX
bottom-margin annotation XX Quails frm hot south country with red throats .
show subjects subjects

line 2 annotation x
show subjects concepts

line 22 annotation X
top-margin annotation X I might say, according to Gloger plumge varies a little according to climate
from End Slip 1 annotation 23    tints of plumage vary with Climate

lines 1—3 score in dark pencil
top-margin annotation in dark pencil Green seldom brighter in hot countries— Xt01
t01 - `X' in pencil

line 19 annotation X
show subjects concepts

line 9 annotation X
show subjects concepts

lines 14—17 score
lines 14—17 annotation thnks sam species

lines 20—27 unmarked
lines 10—33 annotation Nillson does not thinkt01 Tyrol hare same as Northern
t01 - `Nillson does ... think' in pale pencil

line 21 at "Bruch(**)" annotation V. (Read)
from End Slip 1 annotation 69 References to Bruch's papers. (I have read)
show subjects concepts

line 26 underline "Pfeifenten"
line 26 annotation Whistling Duck
show subjects subjects

lines 11—9 score
lines 13—10 annotation Bruch good See t this
line 10 underline "1828"
line 9 underline "1829"
lines 10—9 annotation X ⧟
line 1bottom-margin annotation X
     Both Read

from End Slip 1 annotation 69 References to Bruch's papers. (I have read)

line 6 underline "Tetrao saliceti Tem."
lines 7—1 annotation Nillson says out of 30, Beaks differ in all

from End Slip 1 annotation 69    Nillsson on variation of Beak in Tetrao saliceti.    (Q)

line 13 underline "gar ... mehr"
line 13 at "gar" annotation so ⧟
lines 7—13 annotation many short-tailed birds have a pair of extra tail-feathers .
from End Slip 1 annotation 70. many short-tailed birds have 1 or 2 pair of extra-caudal. (as Kingfisher) can this be compensation or rudimentary.
     (allude when I talk of ‹important› organs being few & not variable.—)
show subjects subjects

lines 17—23 score
line 17 at "Eisvögeln" annotation Kingfisher
line 20 underline "14 oder 13"
lines 19—21 w ?
lines 17—26 annotation 3 out of 12 had 14 or 13 tail-feathers instead of 12
     Kingfisher in Dictionary .

line 18 double score
line 18 score
line 18 underline "etwas ... Flügel"
lines 17—20 annotation goose . shorter wings
     —what compared with !

from End Slip 1 annotation 74    on changes of Ducks wings & feet, tamed «& Geese accordng Bruch»

line 11 score
lines 10—9 annotation Duck
from End Slip 1 annotation 74    on changes of Ducks wings & feet, tamed «& Geese accordng Bruch»

[continues overleaf] lines 6—4 double score in dark pencil
lines 6—5 underline in dark pencil "dass ... langt"
lines 5—4 underline in dark pencil "fast ... erreicht"
show subjects subjects

[continuation] 1—2 underline "Füsse ... aber"
line 3 underline "schwimmt ... geworden"
line 7 underline "plumperen"
show subjects subjects

lines 24—30 score
lines 24—30 annotation spreading of sparrow
from End Slip 1 annotation 103 on spreading of sparrows with cultivation in Russia

line 1 score [`bookmark']

lines 9—4 score in dark pencil
lines 8—6 annotation in dark pencil Q
line 8 underline "gelinden"
line 8 annotation mild
from End Slip 1 annotation 157 on Tetrao saliceti & scoticus beng same species (Q)