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  1. Beiträge zur bildenden Gartenkunst : für angehende Gartenkünstler und Gartenliebhaber /
    By: Sckell, F. L. von (Friedrich Ludwig),
    Edition: Zweite vermehrte und verbesserte Auflage.
    Publication info: München :Jos. Lindauersche Buchhandlung,1825.
    Holding Institution: Research Library, The Getty Research Institute (
    Subjects: 19th century  Gardening  Germany  Germany (West)  Horticulture  Landscape architecture  Landscape gardening  Lithographs  
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  2. Coulembier's Sonnen-Mikroskop, oder, Die neu entdeckten Wunder der Natur /
    By: Coulembier,
    Edition: Zweite mit Abbildungen vermehrte Auflage.
    Publication info: Karlsruhe :Verlag des Artistischen instituts,1835.
    Holding Institution: Research Library, The Getty Research Institute (
    Subjects: 19th century  Germany  Lithographs  Microorganisms  Microscopes  Microscopy  Pictorial works  
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  3. Drops of water : their marvelous and beautiful inhabitants displayed by the microscope /
    By: Catlow, Agnes, - Achilles, A.
    Publication info: London :Reeve and Benham,1851.
    Holding Institution: Multiple institutions
    Subjects: 1851  Gold blocked bindings  Great Britain  Lithographs  Microbiology  Microorganisms  Microscopes  Microscopy  Specimens  Water  
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  4. Expédition dans les parties centrales de l'Amérique du Sud : de Rio de Janeiro à Lima, et de Lima au Para /
    By: Castelnau, Francis, comte de, - Bertrand, P., - Bocourt, Firmin, - Bouffard, L., - Champin, Jean Jacques, - Llanta, J. F. G. - Martinet, L., - Nicolet, Hercule, - Riocreux, Alfred, - Delahaye, Charles, - Imprimerie Lemercier et cie,
    Publication info: Paris :P. Bertrand, libraire-éditeur,1850-
    Holding Institution: Research Library, The Getty Research Institute (
    Subjects: 19th century  Antiquities  Bolivia  Brazil  Description and travel  France  History  Indians of South America  Lithographs  Natural history  Peru  Scientific Expeditions  Sources  South America  
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  5. Flora medica : containing coloured delineations of the various medicinal plants, admitted into the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin pharmacopœias : with their natural history, botanical descriptions, medical and chemical properties, &c. &c. : together with a concise introduction to botany : a copious glossary of botanical terms and a list of poisonous plants, &c. &c. /
    By: Spratt, G. - Callow and Wilson, - Royal College of Physicians of London.
    Publication info: London :Callow and Wilson,1829-1830.
    Holding Institution: Research Library, The Getty Research Institute (
    Subjects: 19th century  Botany, Medical  England  Illustrations  Lithographs  Poisonous plants  
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  6. The history of Barbados; comprising a geographical and statistical description of the island; a sketch of the historical events since the settlement; and an account of its geology and natural productions.
    By: Schomburgk, Robert H. (Robert Hermann),
    Publication info: London,Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans,1848.
    Holding Institution: Research Library, The Getty Research Institute (
    Subjects: Barbados  History  Lithographs  Natural history  
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  7. The illustrated botany : comprising the most valuable native and exotic plants, with their history, medicinal properties, etc. : to which is added an introduction on physiology, and a view of the natural and Linnæan systems /
    By: Ackerman, James, - Comstock, J. L. (John Lee), - Newman, John B. - Whitefield, Edwin,
    Publication info: New York :J.K. Wellman,1846-1847.
    Holding Institution: United States Geological Survey Libraries Program
    Subjects: Botany  Color  Colored  Lithographs  Pictorial works  
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  8. A manual of British archaeology /
    By: Boutell, Charles, - Brooks, Vincent. - Jewitt, Thomas Orlando Sheldon, - Savill and Edwards - Westleys & Co.
    Publication info: London :Lovell Reeve,1858
    Holding Institution: University of Toronto - Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
    Subjects: 1858  Antiquities  Archaeology  Binders' tickets  Gold blocked bindings  Great Britain  Lithographs  Specimens  
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  9. A monograph of the genus Lilium /
    By: Elwes, Henry John, - Fitch, W. H. (Walter Hood), - Taylor & Francis.
    Publication info: London : Printed by Taylor and Francis, [1877]-1880.
    Holding Institution: Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library
    Subjects: 1877  Colored  England  Liliaceae  Lilium  Lithographs  
    BHL Collections: Missouri Botanical Garden's Rare Books Collection
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  10. The new and heretofore unfigured species of the birds of North America
    By: Elliot, Daniel Giraud, - Sheppard, Edwin L., - Tholey, Charles P., - Wilson, Alexander, - Wolf, Joseph, - Bowen & Co.,
    Publication info: New York :Published by the author,1869.
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: 1860-1870  Birds  Lithographs  North America  Pictorial works  Subscription lists  United States  
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  11. New fresh water shells of the United States : with coloured illustrations, and a monograph of the genus anculotus of Say; also a synopsis of the American naiades /
    By: Conrad, T. A. (Timothy Abbott), - Brown, Mannevillette Elihu Dearing, - Dobson, Judah, - Dorsey, E. G., - Say, Thomas, - Childs & Lehman,
    Publication info: Philadelphia :Judah Dobson, 108 Chesnut Street. E.G. Dorsey, printer,1834.
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries
    Subjects: 1834  Anculosa  Freshwater mussels  Ink stamps (Provenance)  Lithographs  Mollusks  MWA  Paper labels (Binding)  Publishers' cloth bindings (Binding)  United States  
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  12. On the landscape architecture of the great painters of Italy /
    By: Meason, Gilbert Laing, - Burgess, Henry William, - Hullmandel, Charles Joseph, - Jaques, Dennett,
    Publication info: [London] :Printed at C. Hullmandel's Lithographic Establishment, 51, Gt. Marlborough Street,MDCCCXXVIII [1828]
    Holding Institution: Research Library, The Getty Research Institute (
    Subjects: 19th century  Architecture in art  England  Great Britain  Italy  Landscape architecture  Landscape painters  Landscape painting, Italian  Lithographs  
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  13. Les orchidées : 6 planches /
    By: Vouga, Émilie Pradès, - Damond & Coulin, - Lithographie Coopérative Zürich,
    Edition: 1. série.
    Publication info: Genève :Damond & Coulin Editeurs à Genève,[ca. 1890].
    Holding Institution: Chicago Botanic Garden, Lenhardt Library
    Subjects: 1890  Chromolithographs  Geneva  Lithographs  Orchids  Pictorial works  Switzerland  
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  14. [Reichenbachia] : [orchids illustrated and described].
    By: Sander, F. - Moon, H. G. (Henry George),
    Edition: [Ser. 3].
    Publication info: St. Albans, England? :s.n.,1895?
    Holding Institution: Chicago Botanic Garden, Lenhardt Library
    Subjects: Chromolithographs  Lithographs  Orchids  Pictorial works  
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  15. A second century of ferns : being figures with brief descriptions of one hundred new, or rare, or imperfectly known species of ferns from various parts of the world /
    By: Hooker, William Jackson, Sir, - Fitch, J. N. (John Nugent), - Fitch, W. H. (Walter Hood), - Pamplin, William, - A. Dulau & Co.,
    Publication info: London :Dulau,1864.
    Holding Institution: Multiple institutions
    Subjects: Colored  Ferns  Lithographs  Pictorial works  Pteridophyta  Varens  
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  16. A table of vegetable poisons, exhibiting the principal poisonous plants : comprising their common English name, botanic name, the class and order to which they belong in the Linnaean system, essential character by which they are particularly distinguished, native country, places of growth, time of flowering, poisonous effects and mode of treatment, &c. ; illustrated by accurate drawings of the principal indigenous plants, including the poisonous mushrooms, and some of the exotic poisonous plants cultivated in Britain /
    By: Spratt, G. - Madeley, George Edward.
    Publication info: [London] :John Wilson ... and C. Tilt ...,[1843]
    Holding Institution: Missouri Botanical Garden, Peter H. Raven Library
    Subjects: 1843  Botany, Medical  England  Great Britain  Hand colored  Lithographs  Plants  Poisonous plants  
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  17. Travels and discoveries in North and Central Africa : being a journal of an expedition undertaken under the auspices of H.B.M.'s Government, in the years 1849-1855 /
    By: Barth, Heinrich, - Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts, - Spottiswoode & Co.,
    Publication info: London :Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans & Roberts,1857-1858
    Holding Institution: Research Library, The Getty Research Institute (
    Subjects: 19th century  África central  África septentrional  Africa, Central  Africa, North  descripción  Description and travel  England  Lithographs  Scientific Expeditions  Travel  Woodcuts  
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  18. A treatise on citrus culture in California : with a description of the best varieties grown in the state, and varieties grown in other states and foreign countries; gathering, packing, curing, pruning, budding, diseases, etc. /
    By: California. State Board of Horticulture - Lelong, Byron Martin,
    Publication info: Sacramento :State Office, J.D. Young, Supt. State Printing,1888
    Holding Institution: University of California Libraries (
    Subjects: 19th century  California  Citrus  Citrus fruits  Color  Lithographs  Planting  Propagation  Stamped corrections  Varieties  Wood engravings  
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  19. The viviparous quadrupeds of North America /
    By: Audubon, John James, - Audubon, John Woodhouse, - Audubon, Victor Gifford, - Bachman, John, - Bowen, John T., - Craighead, Robert, - Hitchcock, William E., - Ludwig, Henry, - Trembley, Ralph,
    Publication info: New York :J.J. Audubon,1846 [i.e. 1845?]-1854.
    Holding Institution: Multiple institutions
    Subjects: Cloth bindings (Binding)  Decorated edges (Binding)  Gold tooled bindings (Binding)  Half bindings (Binding)  Headbands (Binding)  Intaglio prints  Leather bindings (Binding)  Lithographs  Mammals  Marbled papers (Binding)  North America  Pictorial works  Raised bands (Binding)  Rodents  Sheepskin bindings (Binding)  Sprinkled edges (Binding)  
    BHL Collections: Charles Darwin's Library
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  20. Voyage d'exploration en Indo-Chine : effectué pendant les années 1866, 1867 et 1868 par une commission française présidée par M. le Capitaine de frégate, Doudart de Lagrée et publié par les ordres du Ministre de la marine sous la direction de M. le Lieutenant de vaisseau, Francis Garnier, avec le concours de M. Delaporte, Lieutenant de vaisseau et de MM. Joubert et Thorel, médecins de la marine, membres de la commission.
    By: France. Commission d'exploration du Mékong - Delaporte, Louis, - Doudart de Lagrée, Ernest Marc Louis de Gonzague, - Doudart de Lagrée, Ernest, - Garnier, Francis, - Joubert, Eugène, - Joubert, Eugène. - Thorel, Clovis, - Thorel, Clovis. - Hachette (Firm), - Imprimerie Lemercier et cie,
    Publication info: Paris :Hachette,1873.
    Holding Institution: Multiple institutions
    Subjects: (1866-1868)  19th century  Commission d'exploration du Mékong  Description and travel  Discovery and exploration  France  Indochina  Lithographs  Natural history  Scientific Expeditions  
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