Correspondence : Fendler (Augustus) and Engelmann (George)


Fendler, Augustus, 1813-1883




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Incoming correspondence to George Engelmann from Augustus Fendler, for 1846-1871 (folder 1). The correspondence relates to the descriptions of travel, forts, living conditions, supply problems with army. Possibility of manufacture of matches for profit. Difficulties with obtaining money enough to survive. Losing all supplies and equipment in a flood on way to Ft. Laramie. Narrative of trip to Charges on "Mt. Vernon." Starting chemical oil business. Cultivation of Lepachys, Oenothera and Helianthus in Arkansas (seeds from Texan collection). Meteorological observations (Tables in many letters). Descriptions of trip to Caracas, Venezuela and living conditions and surroundings in Colonia Tovar. Description of trip from Caracas. Sale and accounts of Venezuelan plants. Accounts with Engelmann. Collections for Prof. Henry of the Smithsonian (Obtaining meteorological instruments from Henry). Collecting mosses for Dr. Sullivant and lichens for Tuckerman. Meteorological observations (Tables). Gray's arrangement for Fendler to work for him in herbarium and Garden. Financial difficulties. Theories on heat (12-25-1865). Selling land in Allentown.

Incoming correspondence to George Engelmann from Augustus Fendler, for 1872-1882 (folder 2). The correspondence relates to a description of a trip to Europe; climate in Gambinnan. Meeting Prof. Braun and Caspary and description of the Konigsberg Botanical Garden. Engelmann's discovery of Yucca pollination by moths. Church troubles in Germany. Description of living arrangements and weather in Philadelphia. Meehan's trip and planned itinerary. Description of Seaford; cost of living. Quercus collections and determinations (5-16-1876). Collecting in Trinidad, especially on Tucuche Mt. Description of people and life in Trinidad; statistics; census. Fruit cultivation in Trinidad. Cereus peruvianus cultivation. Discussions with Henry Prestoe, Supt. of local botanical garden.

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