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  1. By: Worm, Ole, - Elzevir, Daniel, - Elzevir, Jean, - Mander, Carel van, - Wingendorp, G. (Gerhard), - Worm, Willum,
    Publication info: Lugduni Batavorum, Apud Iohannem Elsevirium, 1655
    Holding Institution: Multiple institutions
  2. By: Worm, Ole,
    Publication info: Lugduni Batavorum, ex officina Elseviriorum, 1655
    Holding Institution: Smithsonian Libraries and Archives
    BHL Collections: Objects of Wonder
  3. By: Worm, Ole,
    Publication info: Amstelodami, Apud Ludovicum & Danielem Elzevirios, 1655
    Holding Institution: McGill University Library