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Studien zur Descendenztheorie. I
Publication Details
Leipzig, Engelmann, 1875
Holding Institution
Cambridge University Library
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Darwin Estate and Cambridge University Library

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In copyright

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line 7 score [`bookmark']

line 12 score [`bookmark']

line 13 score [`bookmark']

line 11 score [`bookmark']

lines 15—5 annotation The so called alpine & arctic var. is the parent form.

lines 23—16 score in dark pencil
lines 23—16 annotation in dark pencil if th same species thus split, we must expect it in distnct forms

lines 6—1 score
line 6bottom-margin annotation distinguishes climate & local variations
     These cases may be compared with th Polar-Bear always white & Ermine white only in winter —

lines 15—20 annotation Thinks this a new definition of Climatal variations . (applies to Birds in U. States.)

lines 5—10 score
lines 3—15 annotation 1st question to decide whethr change of climate acts by acceleratng or delayng period of ‹variation› ‹pupation› developmt. Birds in U. States answer this.—
show subjects subjects

line 19 score [`bookmark']

lines 2—15 score
line 11 underline "Entwickelungsrichtung ... andere"
lines 2—12 annotation argues that nature of organism far more important than the exciting cause
show subjects subjects

lines 17—23 score
lines 17—23 annotation quotes me to above effect

line 8 underline "im ... schwarz"
line 7 underline "im ... schwärzer"

lines 5—1 double score
lines 8—1 annotation But in Birds the nature of change seems more alike in many species—
show subjects subjects

lines 13—8 score
lines 10—7 double score
lines 15—3 annotation Warmth has affected one sex more than the other, so with Birds in U. States. see last Edit. of Descent.

lines 4—2 score
lines 4—1 annotation inheritance of corresponding sexual generation

lines 6—11 double score
lines 5—13 annotation New law of inheritance, well-known in asexual generation
line 20 underline "cyclische Vererbung"
line 16 score [`bookmark']
show subjects subjects

lines 12—10 score
lines 12—11 underline "Generation ... der"
show subjects subjects

lines 1—3 score
top-margin annotation I think he means that sexual generation has been lost & is parthenogenetic for intermediat genertions

line 4 score [`bookmark']

lines 10—3 score
lines 14—6 annotation Divides cases, as I understand, into whether or not, the Embryology is different

line 3 score [`bookmark']

line 12 score [`bookmark']

lines 7—9 score in dark pencil
lines 8—9 underline "die ... Variabilität"
lines 10—11 score
lines 16—17 underline "durch ... Reiz"
lines 15—20 annotation applies to this particular case
lines 12—9 score
line 11 underline "durch ... grössere"

lines 8—1 score
line 8bottom-margin annotation All variation due to changed conditions, but does not directly depend on nature of conditions

lines 13—16 score
lines 13—26 annotation Each species has different histry & so is differntly acted on by conditions differently from other spe

line 4 score [`bookmark']

line 1 score [`bookmark']

lines 10—9 underline "gerichteten ... Askenasy's"

[continues overleaf] figure 1 annotation Winter-form Levana
figure 5 annotation Prorsa Sim
figure 10 annotation levata Summer forms
figure 12 annotation Summer forms /