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  1. Sea anemones through X-rays : visualization of two species of Diadumene (Cnidaria, Actiniaria) using micro-CT. (American Museum novitates, no. 3907)   (added: 09/20/2018 )
  2. Medicinal and aromatic plants /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  3. A description of the mangostan and the bread-fruit ... the first, esteemed one of the most delicious, the other, the most useful of all the fruits of the East Indies : To which are added, directions to voyagers, for bringing over these and other vegetable productions, which would be extremely beneficial to the inhabitants of our West India Islands /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  4. Saggio di produzioni naturali dello stato Sanese che si ritrovano nel museo del nobile sig. cavre. Giovanni Venturi Gallerani.   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  5. Management of post-harvest diseases of fruits, vegetables and tuber crops /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  6. Fungi associated with pines in the Black Hills. R2-50   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  7. Fructologia, of, Beschryving der vrugtbomen en vrugten : die men in de hoven plant en onderhoud : waar by derzelver differente benamingen, groey-plaatzen voortteeling, cultuur, en huishoudelyk gebruik, als mede het confyten en meer andere toebereidingen der vrugten, enz., nauwkeurig aangewezen worden /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  8. Draft environmental impact statement for the Targhee National Forest's oil and gas leasing analysis /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  9. Evaluation of hidden lakes dwarf mistletoe pruning study. Routt National Forest Colorado. R2-61   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  10. Pulse productivity : physiological constraints /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  11. Dwarf mistletoe as a predisposing factor for mountain pine beetle attack of ponderosa pine in the Colorado Front Range / R2-4   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  12. Armillaria root disease and affected acreage on three Ranger Districts on the Black Hills National Forest. R2-55   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  13. Fishing craft and gears of Asom /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  14. Report of Commission on Forest Reservation and National Park, and papers and reports ports upon forestry, forest schools, etc.   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  15. Ground tests with several insecticides against the Douglas-fir tussock moth in New Mexico. R2-12   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  16. Organic livestock farming /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  17. Apiculture in India /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  18. Ponderosa pine dwarf mistletoe loss assessment survey on National Forest lands in Colorado / R2-27   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  19. Effects of application rate and timing of ethephon treatments on abscission of ponderosa pine dwarf mistletoe two years following treatment. R2-47   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  20. Textbook of oyster biology and culture in India /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  21. Effects of application rate and timing of ethephon treatments on abscission of ponderosa pine dwarf mistletoe 4 years following treatment. R2-54   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  22. Evaluation of methyl bromide, Basamid granular, and solar heating for pre-planting pest control for fall-sown eastern redcedar at Bessey Nursery. R2-41   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  23. Dwarf mistletoe program planning for the Rocky Mountain Region--1987-1991. R2-38   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  24. The art of garden design in Italy /   (added: 09/17/2018 )
  25. Parasitism of Douglas-fir tussock moth eggs in Denver. R2-6   (added: 09/17/2018 )