Charles Darwin's Library Concepts - General Index

The terms in this list have been used to classify the annotations found in the collection of Darwin's Library. Click a term to view materials the collection that are related to that term.

abortion abortion: contabescence adaptation affinity analogy behaviour behaviour: animal locomotion behaviour: breeding, sexual behaviour behaviour: character. personality behaviour: communication, language behaviour: direction-finding, navigation behaviour: domestication, taming behaviour: expression, emotion behaviour: flight behaviour: habit behaviour: instinct behaviour: learning, memory behaviour: mental, cognitive behaviour: nest- or 'home'-related behaviour: perception, sensation behaviour: reflexes behaviour: territory-related behaviour: tools / instruments behaviour: web-related breeding, artificial breeding, artificial: fowl-related breeding, artificial: in-breeding breeding, artificial: pigeon-related cells, histology change chemistry chemistry: basic elements/compounds chemistry: bio-eletricity chemistry: complex compounds chemistry: manure, fertilisers chemistry: taste chemistry: toxicity citation, quotation conditions, environmental conditions, environmental: aquatic conditions, environmental: burning, fire conditions, environmental: climate-related conditions, environmental: confinement conditions, environmental: dryness/dampness conditions, environmental: elevation of site conditions, environmental: freshwater conditions, environmental: frozen conditions, environmental: ground conditions, environmental: heat/cold conditions, environmental: light/dark conditions, environmental: poor/productive terrain conditions, environmental: saltwater, marine conditions, environmental: terrestrial conditions, environmental: weather-related coral creation, creationism criticism: by Darwin of author, negative criticism: by Darwin of author, positive criticism: of a third party, negative criticism: of a third party, positive criticism: of Darwin, negative criticism: of Darwin, positive crossing dates recorded degeneration descent divergence embryology, development embryology, development: animal maturation embryology, development: anomalies embryology, development: metamorphosis embryology, development: plant maturation exclamations extinction extra emphasis fauna feeding, food feeding, food: carnivorous feeding, food: excretion, other expulsion feeding, food: herbivorous feeding, food: meat feeding, food: nutriment fertilisation / generation fertilisation / generation: alternate generation fertilisation / generation: asexual fertilisation / generation: cross-fertilisation fertilisation / generation: eggs fertilisation / generation: hypogean, cleistomgamic fertilisation / generation: mechanisms of fertilisation / generation: nectar fertilisation / generation: pollen fertilisation / generation: seeds fertilisation / generation: self-fertilisation fertility/sterility fertility/sterility: fruit flora flora: `bloom` flora: double flowers flora: flowers flora: grafting flora: hardiness flora: leaves flora: plant 'perception'
flora: roots flora: social plants fossils, palaeontology fossils, palaeontology: imperfection of the geological record fossils, palaeontology: series geographical distribution geographical distribution: acclimatisation geographical distribution: barriers geographical distribution: common forms geographical distribution: dispersion geographical distribution: endemic forms geographical distribution: habitat, habitus geographical distribution: introduced forms geographical distribution: local forms geographical distribution: mundane forms geographical distribution: naturalised forms geographical distribution: place-specific geographical distribution: range (native) geographical distribution: stations geographical distribution: wide-ranging forms geography geography: 'broken' vs. continuous ranges, land 'bridges' geography: continents geography: proximity geology geology: aquatic processes geology: catastrophes, catastrophism geology: change in elevation geology: erosion geology: ice, ice-action geology: igneous action geology: mineralogy geology: rocks, rock-types geology: soils, substrates geology: volcanoes, earthquakes heredity heredity: 'blending' heredity: fathers heredity: mothers heredity: parents heredity: reversion heredity: siblings heredity: transmission, 'taking after' highness / lowness highness / lowness: progressionism homology human intervention humans hybrids hybrids: mongrels, mules individuals instructions intermediacy, gradation intermediacy, gradation: 'gradualism' intermediacy, gradation: series isolation, isularity, islands killing killing: parasites killing: predation, protection killing: rivalry killing: 'struggle for existence' 'mem' migration mimicry monstrosity, teratology movements and habits of plants movements and habits of plants: (circum)nutation movements and habits of plants: bending movements and habits of plants: diurnal / circadian, sleep movements and habits of plants: dryness- / dampness-related movements and habits of plants: fertilisation-related movements and habits of plants: gravity-related, geotropism movements and habits of plants: growth-related, epinasty / hyponasty movements and habits of plants: light-related, heliotropism movements and habits of plants: tendrils, twining, twisting movements and habits of plants: vibration- / touch-related number, quantity number, quantity: 'amount of life' number, quantity: calculation number, quantity: mathematics number, quantity: none, absence number, quantity: number of species organism--organism relations organism--organism relations: feigning death organism--organism relations: fertilisation- / feeding-related origin origin: multiple pangenesis pathology, disease, dysfunction pathology, disease, dysfunction: castration, other excision pathology, disease, dysfunction: mental illness pathology, disease, dysfunction: physical illness pathology, disease, dysfunction: treatment, medicine physiology physiology: activity / dormancy, wakefulness / sleep physiology: breath, inhalation / exhalation physiology: circulation physiology: digestion, eating physiology: function(ality) physiology: growth physiology: heat (internal) physiology: life, survival physiology: plant physiology
physiology: secretion physiology: strength, luxuriance, vigour physiology: transmission- / nerve-related questions reactions, further actions: translation reception of Darwinism reference: external reference: illustrations reference: ownership-indicator reference: to the current item rudiments scientific assessments scientific assessments (negative) scientific assessments (positive) selection selection: artificial selection: natural selection: sexual selection: 'unconscious', 'insensible' sex sex: behavioural differences sex: castes sex: dichogamy sex: monoecious/dioecious sex: physical differences, male/female sex: third/other sexes, hermaphrodites shells social behaviour social behaviour: aggression / defence social behaviour: cooperation, coordination social behaviour: gregariousness, flocking social behaviour: human culture, institutions social behaviour: ornamentation / display social behaviour: play social behaviour: religious behavior social behaviour: upbringing, parenting species species: (ab)errant forms species: aboriginal forms, 'archetypes' species: closely-related forms species: dominant forms species: higher taxonomic groups species: identical forms species: representative forms species: 'sports' 'subediting' systematics systematics: (degree of) relationship systematics: identification theory / science theory / science: accounting for, explaining theory / science: beauty, aesthetics theory / science: causation theory / science: controversy theory / science: Darwin`s evolutionary theories theory / science: definitions theory / science: evolution (general) theory / science: fieldwork, voyages theory / science: information, description theory / science: life itself theory / science: metaphysics, philosophy theory / science: observation, experiment theory / science: physics theory / science: specimens, samples theory / science: work, methodology time, general time, general: geological, epochs, strata time, general: historical time, organic time, organic: circadian, other short time-spans time, organic: death time, organic: frequency time, organic: generations time, organic: life-spans time, organic: maturity, old age time, organic: offspring, young time, organic: seasons time, organic: years transmutation type, form, morphology, character type, form, morphology, character: aspect other than colour/markings, eg shape, size etc type, form, morphology, character: 'balancement', compensation type, form, morphology, character: colour and markings type, form, morphology, character: 'correlation' type, form, morphology, character: dimorphism, polymorphism type, form, morphology, character: organs, limbs type, form, morphology, character: plan, ideal type type, form, morphology, character: skeletons, equivalent structures type, form, morphology, character: visible 'externalia' unclassifiable use / disuse, acquisition of characters use / disuse, acquisition of characters: 'Lamarckism', heritability of acquired characters variation variation: analogous variation: constant forms, races variation: varieties vibration, touch, sound as stimuli wild vs. domestic forms wild vs. domestic forms: cultivation wild vs. domestic forms: feral 'worm-work'